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Vik's Gutter Co. is a full-service residential and commercial gutter installation company. We specialize in all aspects of the gutter industry; including gutter installation, clog-free leaf protection, gutter cleaning, and repair services of any nature. Vik's Gutter Co. has satisfied multiple homeowners and builders throughout Sacramento, CA by using only the highest quality materials and the most expert installation technicians, while getting the job done as quickly and economically as possible. Browse our website and read more about us.

Our Professional Services

Seamless Gutter Installation

Seamless Gutter Installation
To have gutters that are less likely to leak, clog, or break, turn to us for a seamless gutter installation service. Because seamless gutters are more resilient, they save you the necessity for regular gutter cleaning. Seamless gutters are sleek, stronger, attractive, long-lasting, and require less maintenance.

Screen Installation

Screen Installation
If you wish to stay comfortable in your backyard with a covered screened-in porch, give us a call! Our screens will help you keep pesky bugs away while you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. You can enjoy your porch whenever you want without having to hide inside to escape the weather.

Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair
You can call our company to fix your damaged gutters and keep water away from the foundation and siding of your property. Our experts can fix your gutters from fallen tree branch, hurricane or hail, and other damage. We can also fix leaf clogs and do minor roof repair & replacement work.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
Our company provides a superb gutter cleaning service for all types of gutters. We will be happy to offer you solutions for your needs. Hire us, and we will use the appropriate cleaning method to ensure your gutters are clean. Our specialists will do their work promptly and without any hassle.


Gutter Installation in Sacramento, CA

Why is the gutter system a necessity?

Address that question to a home builder or any engineer, would they recommend the installation of rain gutters to a build they’re doing most of them will surely reply with a firm “Yes”. Most homeowners who’ve dealt with gutter issues hold the opinion that they’re a nuisance and don’t take the time to maintain them. Therein lies the major problem, a properly functioning gutter system, will pay off a hundred times more since you will avoid water damage, issues with eroded foundations, trouble with the siding, and general roof-related worries such as leaks and many, many more. Mere means to collect and drain away water from your roof, not quite, as we mentioned above – water damage, they do a heap more by protecting your property from it. If your house doesn’t have such a system, contact us today and we’ll provide a long-lasting gutter installation service. Let Vik's Gutter Co. not only protect your home but increase its value, contact us today!

The Best Gutter in Town

When do you need professional gutter installation?

You can do far more damage with DIY solutions due to improper installation. Improperly installed gutters can result in severe cosmetic and structural damage to your home, so it’s important to hire professionals. Contact us and get the personal touch that only comes from working with a professional company. Our mission in Sacramento, CA is to provide your family with the best quality gutter installation done right the first time. Our services don’t end at gutter installation. We can provide a wide variety of resolutions for gutters in need of repair due to clogs and damage by stale water in them. Regardless of the purpose of the building be it home, office, or other commercial structure you best have a complete system of gutters installed, or keep steady maintenance over the existing one with the help of a trained professional. Vik's Gutter Co. can fit all your needs!

The Reliable Gutter Specialist You Need

Why is gutter repair so important?

Poor performance of gutters and the failure of diverting rainwater away from your home to avoid damage can and will lead to even more complicated problems. If water is allowed to pour down the siding, accumulate in the ground around your home, and saturate the soil, then many unpleasant and expensive events will likely occur. If your gutters get damaged, we will be happy to repair them for you. If the gutters repair works require parts or a longer amount of time to fix then we will provide a quote and an appointment to carry out the job as required. As part of our customer service, our operation is entirely transparent, for example, once we’re on-site to get your gutters cleaned we will most certainly let you know if we come across evidence of the damage so you can make the educated decision for further action be it repairs or complete replacement based on our expertise.

Why do you need professional gutter cleaning?

Often hidden from your view is a decent amount of buildup consisting of bird nests debris, moss, sticks, and leaves that can cause blockages. Such problems can become obvious only once it starts to rain heavily, and once it can’t drain properly profuse leaks are bound to happen. With their health in mind, most homeowners prefer gutter cleaning services to take care of such issues once they’ve risen due to the high risk involved with ladders and safe removal of the blocking mass. Least not to mention to get such a task done properly it requires a hefty amount of the appropriate equipment to clear out downpipes from build-ups of that nature. Vik's Gutter Co. will solve this problem for you by undertaking a complete check and gutter cleaning service. That will relieve you of worries concerning your guttering system won’t do damage to your home instead of protecting it from such.

Vik's Gutter Co. provide a specialist gutter cleaning service. Our company pried lies within the very competitive pricing and the high quality of the service that we offer. As trivial it might sound gutter cleaning is a cornerstone of the general maintenance required to protect your home from unwanted damage on the exterior as well as the interior, as a leak caused by a blockage can potentially eat its way to the inside of your house. Long-term damage of moisture and leaks which has been left unattended will most certainly cause serious harm to your property, which will cost you far more, had you not ignored the issue and kept up with regular maintenance. Regular check-ups and cleaning of said gutters will assure the free flow of the draining water, thus simple preventive action can cost you a bit in the short term but compared to serious repairs later it’s virtually inexpensive in the long run.

Read our blog if you want to learn more handy gutter cleaning service tips and tricks. To hire a skilled gutter specialist, contact us today!


by Terry Stewart on Vik's Gutter Co.
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I chose this reliable company to install new gutters for my house, and I am quite impressed. I wish to recommend the superb gutter installation services of these specialists to anyone who needs them. They are skilled and very punctual.

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